Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited

Since 1981, Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited (CGTL) has been a major player in Hong Kong’s international retail gold trading operations as well as London gold and silver. In 1983, CGTL became a member (member number 108) of The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) and was granted a Gold Minting License(Note 1) and an AA License(Note 2) verifying the company as an exchange operator for the London gold market. Company director, Mr. Haywood Cheung also served as a President of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society from 2010 to 2014. In co-operation with the CGSE, Cheung’s Gold Traders Ltd. offers favourable prices to investors, while expertly assisting in the management of their gold investments.

(Note 1) A Gold Minting License bypasses the restraints of bullion trading in Hong Kong. Among the 171 CGSE members, only 30 have been granted this special license.

(Note 2) An AA License is the highest grade of membership and grants the licensee the right to trade Hong Kong 99 gold, Hong Kong 9999 gold, Hong Kong silver 1 bar, London gold and silver, and Renminbi Kilobar gold.

Cheung’s Precious Metals Limited

In the spring of 2013 when the Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan announced the relaxation of restrictions on physical gold transactions in the local investment market, it opened up a huge lucrative precious metals exchange market in Taiwan. Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited’s solid experience has made it a pioneer in seizing opportunities in this market by setting up Cheung’s Precious Metals Limited, in order to increase the number of access tools for precious metals investment across Asia and stimulate overall liquidity.

As always, Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited and its wholly owned Cheung’s Precious Metals Limited continue to be committed to providing every client with a stable and trustworthy trading platform together with the most professional, efficient and dependable services to satisfy all customers’ evolving needs.


Mr. Haywood CHEUNG

Holder of an Doctor of Business Administration, Mr. Haywood Cheung has over 30 years' experience in metal trading, securities and futures brokerage as well as forex dealing in Hong Kong. He was formerly Chairman of Simsen International Corporation Limited (HKEx Stock Code 993) from 1997 to 2011 and now serves as Honorary Chairman of the Company. In addition to his role as Chairman of In addition to his role as Chairman of Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited (HKEx Stock Code 6161), he is also a main shareholder in a number of companies, including De-lian International Company, Inc., and Head & Shoulders Securities Limited, as well as several others.

As President of The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, one of the major gold exchanges of the world, he introduced the Transaction Code Service and trading of Hong Kong 9999 gold, Hong Kong silver 1 bar and Renminbi Kilobar gold, all helping propel daily transaction values to nearly hundred billion Hong Kong dollars. In addition, he is the Chairman of Hong Kong Precious Metals Exchange Limited.

Since 2002, he has also served as President of the New Territories General Chamber of Commerce, comprising a federation of 16 district associations with more than 10,000 members. Under his leadership, the Chamber provides strategic advice to the HKSAR while safeguarding the legitimate operations and legal rights of the business sector. The Chamber also strengthens collaboration between the business sectors of Hong Kong and mainland China to achieve mutual prosperity.

Mr. Cheung is also active in other areas of community service, serving as Honorary Adviser to the Pok Oi Hospital and as Director of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, plus key positions in a variety of other organisations.

Mr. Stanley CHEUNG

Mr. Stanley Cheung has over 30 years’ experience in banking, finance, securities and futures brokering as well as forex dealing. He worked for Samuel Montagu & Company, once one of the world’s top bullion brokerage businesses and subsequently served as Executive Director of Simsen International Corp. Ltd. During the 1990s he set up the first ever Chinese finance news and data satellite system which covered the whole of mainland China. In addition, he has taken up key roles in social services activities, including Member of CPPCC, Luohu, Shenzhen, Member of Kwai Chung & Princess Margaret Hospital Governing Committee, Member of The Community Chest General Donations/Special Events Organising Committee and Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Precious Metals Traders Association. He also served as Vice Chairman of the Pok Oi Hospital, Director of the Hong Kong Securities Association Limited, and others.

Shareholder of enterprises

Mr. Haywood Cheung, the company director, is also the key shareholder of a number of enterprises specialising in property development, finance and insurance businesses.

De-lian International Company, Inc.

Established in 2007, De-lian International Company, Inc. is headquartered in Taipei and focuses on real estate investment.


Head & Shoulders Securities Limited

Head & Shoulders Securities (H&S Securities Ltd.), established in 1970, provides brokerage services for stocks, warrants and callable bull/bear contracts, with a stable and efficient internet trading platform. Over the years, it has been continuing to challenge its limits to excel in international financial services.


Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited

Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited (Stock Code: 6161) is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 15 Jan 2015. Target Insurance, established in 1977, is now one of the top local three largest vehicle insurance companies in Hong Kong. Their diverse vehicle insurance products help policy holders avoid third party risks and provide compensate for any potential losses from car damage and maintenance to burglary or retirement declarations.


The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society

The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) was established in 1910 initially as the ‘Gold and Silver Exchange Company’, and later officially registered in 1918 as a formal society with the name it uses today. Today, The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society has 171 members, all under the governance of the Executive & Supervisory Committees comprised of 21 directive supervisors, with Mr. Haywood Cheung serving as President. Providing members with trading platforms and facilities, The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society assists with gold, silver and other precious metals transactions, and is the only exchange of actuals in Hong Kong.