Gold Trading

As a gold minting licensee recognised by the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited mints gold bars and silver bars with official seals and serial numbers, guaranteeing quality, fineness and weight. Gold and silver are not only important investment tools, they have a diversified range of industrial and commercial use as well. An important raw material for the jewellery industry, gold is also in high demand by other sectors like medicine, food and beverage, electronics and others, while silver is applied widely in computer manufacturing, dentistry, production of musical instruments, mirrors and optics. Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited is the industry’s trusted partner capable of providing a full range of services plus reliable delivery.

From trading Hong Kong 9999 gold, number 1 local silver bar, Local London gold and silver, to Renminbi Kilobar gold, Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited and Cheung’s Precious Metals Limited offer investors diversified gold and silver trading opportunities, including transactions of gold bars minted by Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited and approved by The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. Investors can also make transactions in Hong Kong dollars, Renminbi, Taiwan dollars or even US dollars, enhancing overall convenience. Taking the full measure of gold’s anti-inflation advantages, value protection, risk management and cash-out liquidity, gold investments are regarded as a key tool for wealth management.

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